I can’t be the only one half-expecting a member of the Lolipop Guild to pop out of nowhere and sing to me about how ‘I’m endangering the lives of my neighbors.’

It’s a surreal experience — I’ve gotten so used to wearing one out of habit, I feel naked walking into the store now without one. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining about things returning to normal, simply commenting on the strangeness of it all after living more than a year under 'Pandemic Rules.’

I wasn’t in the habit of wearing one because I agonized over the safety of…

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Here at the Fairycore Free Press (henceforth referred to as ‘FCFP’), we love finding insightful card layout spreads that correspond to whatever craziness is currently going on in the universe. There’s one for every imaginable moon phase, eclipse event, or holiday that you can think of. This one from Owl and Bones Tarot we recently stumbled upon via Pinterest caught our Editor’s eye and genuinely made them giggle, so of course we decided we had to try it for our first-ever blog post on ‘Wizard Shit’ for FCFP.

Naturally, I assumed it would be a fun, lighthearted reading to match…

Pardon our dust, this is a new publication that is still under construction and this section will be updated soon with all kinds of info about our vision and how you can become a contributor to The Fairycore Free Press!

In the meantime, you can contact our Editor by sending a DM via Instagram to @charliecat128 :)

*** Sections ***

Wizard Shit: This should be fairly self-explanatory; In this section of the publication we have stories about practical magick applications, meditations, tarot spreads, rituals, astrology, and anything else that fits under the blanket of ‘Wizard Shit.’

I Hate The Future: Do you ever…

Stonehenge, but make it cyberpunk

When’s the last time you used cash for something other than buying weed? No, buying acid doesn’t count. Do you even remember? Unless you’re in the hospitality, or another tip-heavy industry that nets cash money, you’re probably used to shoving a plastic card into a machine to pay for things.

Or, maybe you’re a super-duper cutting-edge techno-hipster and you exclusively use your fancypants pocket computer to handle your everyday transactions instead.

We’re all kinda used to not really using cash all that much anymore, but every time something that normally takes change gets digitized, it always throws me for a…

What We Say To Our Children About Gender Stereotypes Matter

Photo Provided By Author

“That’s a boy’s bike. The other kids are going to tease you. Get the Barbie one instead. It’s pink.” My Grandmother insisted, even though I didn’t like pink or Barbies. Their hard plastic bodies were alien and unnatural; I liked soft, plush dolls that I could hug and snuggle with.

I can still hear those words stinging and echoing in my brain, almost two decades later.

I persisted, mind firmly set on the Pokemon one as I rode it up and down the aisle at K-Mart. My Grandparents looked at each other and sighed. …


Photo by Michel Grolet on Unsplash

A comedy show, networking function, or get-together is never just a comedy show, networking function, or get together for the not-drinking squad: It’s a gauntlet of temptation.

Covid has been a blessing in some ways — the pandemic was a great time to get sober since there’s no temptation to go to the bar if the bar is closed due to a nationwide health crisis. Now that things are opening up again and vaccines are going into arms, the invites to alcohol-fueled, work-related social events are starting to roll in once again.

One such event was a comedy show at…

Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen breathtakingly beautiful photographs of a sunset, mountain, or other natural landscapes framed by the doors of an expensive, converted cargo van. Perhaps now that you’re working remotely, you’ve considered skipping out on rent for a few months and hitting the road yourself in a converted van or small RV with the savings instead of just living vicariously through your favorite social media personalities.

#vanlife is having a moment right now — why are we all so obsessed with it?

As an aspiring van-dweller myself, I have a few ideas on what’s influencing the…

Self-Loathing Was My Catalyst For Personal Growth

Photo Credit to Pixabay from pexels.com

Apparently, it’s no longer en vouge to try and fit into your emo-phase 00 black skinny jeans, and we’re all suddenly supposed to be okay with having curves, loose skin, and double-digit jean sizes.

Some folks have celebrated this shift in the culture, and to them I say, “Good for you. I’m glad you’re more comfortable in your body, accepting of your flaws, and extruding confidence into every room you enter. Truly, I am! I’m glad these new ideas have helped you and made you become a better human.”

This column is not…

Do you remember the moment you stopped being a person and started being a woman?

Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

Do you remember the moment you stopped being a person and started being a woman?

It was probably somewhere around your early teens. Perhaps your mother forced you to start wearing an uncomfortable bra before going to school, perhaps you got in trouble for climbing a tree with a skirt on, perhaps the Neighborhood Karen made you and the other girls put a t-shirt over your Barbie princess bikinis before cannon-balling off the dock into the lake. Neighborhood Karen’s lecture about modesty and “the male gaze” probably went right over your head — you didn’t see boys as anything other…


Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Setting down the bottle (and the powder-dusted DVD case) for good can have some surprising effects! Most of them are overwhelmingly positive. In retrospect, I’m glad I decided to quit, at least until I get my shit together and learn how to cosplay a functioning adult in a more convincing fashion. Sober Forever is a terrifying concept I try not to think about the same way you try not to think about the time you Googled ‘blue waffle.’

Here are a few unexpected changes that truly took me aback. Year One of Sobriety has been a wild ride that’s had…

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